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2007 Durango Stream2007 Durango Stream 2011 Montecello Green2011 Montecello Green 20113 Amazing Iris20113 Amazing Iris 20114 Pink Angel of Love20114 Pink Angel of Love 2013   First Peony2013 First Peony 2013 Another Hot Day2013 Another Hot Day 2013 Awesome2013 Awesome 2013 Backside Sunflower2013 Backside Sunflower 2013 Beauty2013 Beauty 2013 Bird Saved2013 Bird Saved 2013 Bit O' Whimsy2013 Bit O' Whimsy 2013 Blooming Bloom2013 Blooming Bloom 2013 Cold Front Coming2013 Cold Front Coming 2013 Colorful Kale2013 Colorful Kale 2013 Food Foliage2013 Food Foliage 2013 Future Calling2013 Future Calling 2013 Glorious Morning2013 Glorious Morning 2013 In a Puddle2013 In a Puddle 2013 Inner Iris2013 Inner Iris 2013 Lilac-ruffled Fluff2013 Lilac-ruffled Fluff 2013 Love Teal2013 Love Teal 2013 Mello2013 Mello 2013 Mystery2013 Mystery 2013 Pagoda Bench2013 Pagoda Bench 2013 Pink Fog in the Blueridge2013 Pink Fog in the Blueridge 2013 Pumpkin Study2013 Pumpkin Study 2013 Rhododendron Dendrons2013 Rhododendron Dendrons 2013 Sea More2013 Sea More 2013 Terrior Birth2013 Terrior Birth 2013 Violet Mandala2013 Violet Mandala 2013 Water Drop Diamond2013 Water Drop Diamond 2014 Angel of Protection2014 Angel of Protection 2014 Belle2014 Belle 2014 Blessings2014 Blessings 2014 Electra - A Being of Light2014 Electra - A Being of Light 2014 Hydrangea2014 Hydrangea 2014 Light Evolution2014 Light Evolution 2014 Made of Stars2014 Made of Stars 2014 Mother Natures Favorite2014 Mother Natures Favorite 2014 Naturally Soft2014 Naturally Soft 2014 Pink Pleasures- Party in the Middle2014 Pink Pleasures- Party in the Middle 2014 Rainbow Love2014 Rainbow Love 2014 Regal Light2014 Regal Light 2014 Siegfeld Folly Girl2014 Siegfeld Folly Girl 2014 The Prayer2014 The Prayer 2014 Touch the Holy2014 Touch the Holy 2014-28 Prayer of the Brave2014-28 Prayer of the Brave Elephant EarsElephant Ears Floral KaleidoscopeFloral Kaleidoscope Iris IntrigueIris Intrigue Majestic-Elegant-GracefulMajestic-Elegant-Graceful The Follmer KidsThe Follmer Kids 2-13 A Hot One2-13 A Hot One 2012 The Spiral Path2012 The Spiral Path 2013  Pink Plaid2013 Pink Plaid 2013 A Dogwood Kinda Day2013 A Dogwood Kinda Day 2013 Backside of the Sun2013 Backside of the Sun 2013 Blue Cosmos2013 Blue Cosmos 2013 Blue Ridge Heaven2013 Blue Ridge Heaven 2013 Brilliance2013 Brilliance 2013 Cancun at 5 AM2013 Cancun at 5 AM 2013 Dew Dropped Mum2013 Dew Dropped Mum 2013 Fall Foliage2013 Fall Foliage 2013 Fractal Butterfly2013 Fractal Butterfly 2013 Gorgeous2013 Gorgeous 2013 Grace2013 Grace 2013 Iris Intimately2013 Iris Intimately 2013 Love me, Cosmos2013 Love me, Cosmos 2013 Mum's The Word2013 Mum's The Word 2013 Reading Pagoda2013 Reading Pagoda 2013 Ten Candles2013 Ten Candles 2013 Tis' the Season2013 Tis' the Season 2013 Well Done, Telluride2013 Well Done, Telluride 2014 12  Galactic Butterfly2014 12 Galactic Butterfly 2014 13 Angel of Strength2014 13 Angel of Strength 2014 27 Behind the Veil2014 27 Behind the Veil 2014 Ice Goddess2014 Ice Goddess 2014 Pink Angel2014 Pink Angel 2014 Sharing the Gratitude2014 Sharing the Gratitude 2014 Singing in Flight2014 Singing in Flight 2014 Twin Pretties2014 Twin Pretties Sometimes Its GreenerSometimes Its Greener Wee Star of BethlehemWee Star of Bethlehem  
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Matted Prints
3 Standard sizes 

  8" x10"       11"x14"       16" x 20"

8" x 10"  Matted Print $25.00 ea. 

 11" x 14"  Matted Print  $35.00 ea

16" x 20"  Matted Print  $65.00 ea.

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5" x 7" Notecards

Single Notecard

$4.50 ea. card w/envelope  


3 Pack - 5" x 7" Notecards 
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Deb's Bookmark Heaven
7 samples 
$3.00 ea. clear case and s
&h included

1271 Mannys Eyes

1274 You are My Sunshine

1278 Accidental Music

1281 It Takes All Flavors

1285 Come ...Shine Your Special Light


1280 Rainbow Bookmark

1284 Pay It Forward Bookmark

  My 100 + Bookmark
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DVD Video's


  'Gardens of Serenity'  

1st track - Gardens of Serenity
        ~ music by Ray Lynch
2nd track - Hidden Valley
        ~ music by Richard Adam

$15.00      w/ Vinyl Case     32 min.
Includes S&H

'The Rushing Wings of Dawn' DVD

1st track - The Rushing Wings of Dawn
         ~ music by Tim Janis
2nd track - Come Home To Me
    ~ music by Tim Janis

$12.50  Video w/ Vinyl Case  14 min.
Includes S&H

Different Light Studio 

Canvas Prints

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