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What Is quilling?

Quilling is an ancient art form involving the curling, twirling, folding and
gluing of thin strips of paper into magically intricate shapes.  It calls for
 patience. Lots of patience. And lots and lots of glue. And sparkles... Sparkles are good. 


Now Order  Original  Hand Quilled Pieces

Each  quilling work is a one of a kind, hand made, mixed media piece, created
using watercolor, perhaps pen and ink, and quilling. Images of quilled pieces can be ordered in
the form of a note card, or other printed media ... or as an original , 3-D piece, 
double matted in quality white mats, hand-crafted by Deb Booth .
Your order will come shipped to you in a sturdy, clear plastic box.   (Note: Not framed.)

Please contact Deb Booth to place your custom order

Tiny Dancers
The Tiny Dancer series is a whimsical look at movement and
dance, and the dancers who make it come to life. 

Tiny dancers 3-D pieces can be happily customized, with many different poses from
which to chose, in addition to colors that you choose, to make your
heart sing.  Pricing for  Custom Tiny Dancers: 
 8 x10 finished size: start at $75
11x14 finished size, start at $100

Shipping and postage additional.  Prices for other custom original quilling art will
 be discussed prior to undertaking creation of the piece.

TThe first, original 'Tiny Dancers' by Deb Booth

  • 2015-103 Tiny Dancer - Marilyn
  • 2015-105 Tiny Dancer - Flow
  • 2015-106 Tiny Dancer - Gayl
  • 2015-112 Tiny Dancer - en Pointe
  • 2015-117 Ebony and Ivory - Tiny Dancer
  • 2015-119 Autumn - Tiny Dancer
  • 2015-135 Joyful, Joyful - Tiny Dancer
  • 2015-202 Arabesque - Tiny Dancer
  • 2015-80 Tiny Dancer
  • 2015-96 Tiny Dancer  jpg for Jerry
  • 2016-47 Heart's Aflame - Tiny Dancer
2015-103 Tiny Dancer - Marilyn1 2015-105 Tiny Dancer - Flow2 2015-106 Tiny Dancer - Gayl3 2015-112 Tiny Dancer - en Pointe4 2015-117 Ebony and Ivory - Tiny Dancer5 2015-119 Autumn - Tiny Dancer6 2015-135 Joyful, Joyful - Tiny Dancer7 2015-202 Arabesque - Tiny Dancer8 2015-80 Tiny Dancer9 2015-96 Tiny Dancer  jpg for Jerry10 2016-47 Heart's Aflame - Tiny Dancer11

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