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Fractal Visions    


 Blue Triumvirate
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Blue Truth

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Bubbles of Laughter

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Winter Moon

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Universal Appeal

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Flower Fusion

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City on the Hill

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Infinity and Beyond

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Light Box Archival Fractal Image Show

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f1 Ziegfeld Follies Girl f2 Belle f3 Electra f4 Angel of Protection f5 The Prayer f6 Rainbow Love f7 Wings f8 Regal Light f9 Ice Goddess f10 f11 f12 f13 f14 f15 f16 f17 f18 Pinwheel f19 life is a school f20 celestial smoke f21 her royal highness f22 the warmth of the sun f23 the watch f24 a single act f25 electric orb f26 the angel within f27 Simple Swirls f28 serene balance f29 guiding light f30 shot through the heart f31 crazy mixup f32 red debbil f33 f34 the gasp f35 Flight of Fancy  

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