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0023 Purple Flames
0023 Purple Flames

0076 Blue Angel 

                                : Before and After inspirational note cards : fra
One World Before.jpg

One World Before
A12 One World - After.jpg

A12 One World - After
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Usually, taking the initial shot is just the beginning for me. I love to play with images... tweak
them, invert colors, swirl them, etc. The tool I use for this 'magic' is Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's a wonderful photo editing program, that's chockablock full of special effects called 'filters'. It's relatively inexpensive (under $100) and way less frightening (and expensive) than Photoshop CS. I heartily recommend it... it's like the giant box of Crayola crayons on Christmas morning, but for adults. It lets your creativity come out to play for awhile. Why not let YOUR creativity come out and play for awhile? I guarantee that it won't be wasted time. 

What you see here are some examples of my creativity coming out to play - before and after shots. Sometimes the 'tweak' is an easy one - perhaps inverting colors, turning what was dark into light. Sometimes, the 'after' image involved hours of painstaking work - for example, cloning out the distracting background of the glass horse, so that you can truly focus on the intent of the talented glassblower in Venice.  Now you can see a Dream Steed in motion. 

Flight Before.jpg

Flight Before
A151 Flight Dark After.jpg

A151 Flight Dark After
Greenhouse Effects Before.jpg

Greenhouse Effects Before
A164 Greenhouse Effects - After.jpg

A164 Greenhouse 
Effects - After
Dream Steed Before.jpg

Dream Steed Before
A192 Dream Steed After.jpg

A192 Dream Steed After
The Crane - before.jpg

The Crane - before
0810 The Crane - After.jpg

0810 The Crane - After
Kousa Meditation Before.jpg

Kousa Meditation Before
A5 Kousa Meditation After.jpg

A5 Kousa Meditation After
If you are interested in a tutorial on how I achieved the effects you see on this page, please feel free to email me. I'd be happy to let you in on more of my 'secrets'.

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